Details and links of both Presbytery-appointed and local staffing vacancies.

Presbytery Vacancies

There are currently no open vacancies for posts with the Presbytery.

Congregational/Grouping Vacancies

North Charge of Shetland Parish

We are currently looking for a minister for the North Charge of Shetland Parish.  The ideal person to take on this charge is someone who will bring enthusiasm and energy, be committed to parochial care, and take a lead role in congregational growth and development, with emphasis on children and young people.

The successful candidate will preach in churches in Unst, Yell, Brae and Ollaberry. In addition, you will play a key lead position for Mission to the whole of Shetland. The ideal applicant, therefore, should already have leadership experience in this area, not necessarily in a rural/island setting. You will have to be highly motivated, gregarious, and committed to equal rights for all. The current Ministry Team is likely to change once the Transitional and Pioneer Minister posts come to an end and applicants should be aware of this.

A warm welcome awaits anyone who takes up this post in an island renowned for its friendly people where community involvement plays an important part.

Our parish profile can be downloaded here.

You must be an ordained minister of the Church of Scotland or graduate candidate to apply for this role. Please contact the Parish Administrator, Frances Richardson, to apply

Address: Shetland Church of Scotland, Parish Office, 82 St. Olaf Street, Lerwick, Shetland.  ZE1 0ES
Tel: 0745 337 4543

St Andrew's-Lhanbryd & Urquhart

Informal enquiries may be directed to the Interim Moderator (Rev Wiekus van Straaten, Phone: 01542 882799) at this stage as the Nominating Committee has not been elected and the Parish Profile is still in preparation.


We hope to find a minister who:-
- has an inclusive approach and who is keen to engage with the schools, youth organisations and community groups.

- can inspire, lead and work with all age groups and who is willing to provide a supportive and visible pastoral presence in the community.

- can guide us in our mission and who is willing to work with other faith groups and especially those Churches in our Parish Grouping.

- can tackle outreach with enthusiasm, make the word of God accessible to all and who is willing to involve others in the act of worship.

- is empathetic to the needs of the community and can maintain the Church as a core part of the community going forward.

Our parish profile can be downloaded here.

Contact Details: Rev. Alison Jaffrey, Interim Moderator
01651 891961

Aboyne-Dinnet linked with Cromar

The Parish Profile is available here

Instructions for Applications are found here.