Presbytery Mailing 23/02/2024

Contents of Mailing:
Sweet Adelines Request
Joint Event with FAPLT and S4G
Icon Painting Workshop in Orkney
Media Seminar in Glasgow

Please find below a number of relevant pieces of information for distribution and consideration by Presbyters.

A request from the Aberdeen Chorus of Sweet Adelines, a women’s a cappella chorus.

We have a relatively new member who is studying sound engineering at Aberdeen College, and she is keen to use her skills to help the chorus.

We were wondering if, in the light of the many unions of churches etc taking place around the city (and wider presbytery) if you knew of any who might now have surplus sound equipment they would be looking to either donate to a good cause (we are a registered charity) or sell on for a reasonable sum.

There will be some here from Drumoak and Durris now they have united with us here in Culter but the buildings are still going to be in use for a wee while, so we are not yet ready to dispose of what they have.

Anything such as a mixing desk, mic stands, cables, microphones etc would be put to good use for us to use recording rehearsals and to use to improve our amplification for performances.

NENI Presbytery, along with the Faith Action Programme Leadership Team and the Seeds for Growth Committee will be hosting an event for Presbyters and local leaders of congregational life on the 6th of March, starting at 2pm and running until 9pm. The event will be hybrid, with the on-site portion being hosted by Fountainhall at the Cross Church in Aberdeen. Please promote this event to your congregations. Click here to download a flyer for the event and click here to be taken to the Eventbrite page to book your free ticket.

This Roadshow event will be part of a series of opportunities around the country where the new Faith Action Leadership Team aim to interact with local views on the opportunities and challenges facing the Church of Scotland right now. Tommy MacNeil, Convener, Faith Action Programme Leadership Team and Neil Glover from the Seeds for Growth fund (which supports new expressions of church) are looking forward to engaging with the local church at a time of great change. This is our opportunity to contribute and to be heard.

Please make it a priority to attend at least part of this event; and invite those you think might also want to attend. There will be two sessions: an afternoon event with speakers, questions and answers, and a separate evening worship event. If you can only manage one of the sessions that is fine. But please consider registering for this important event.

Milestone Church in Orkney are hosting Basia Mindewicz (Biog below) from Edinburgh School of Icon Painting. She has agreed to come to Orkney and run her 5 day course which Rev Moira Taylor-Wintersgill has done twice! She was hoping that folks could learn about it as it really is a great chance to spend a week creating something really special:

Icon Painting Workshop – 19th to 23rd March 2024 10:30 am - 4:00 pm, Milestone Kirk. 5-Day Mary Magdalene Course. “For this course, we chose an icon of Mary Magdalene. We wanted to paint more icons of women saints. We think it is important. Through the artwork and the meditative process of creating this icon, you will be able to reflect on her story and how it can inspire you.” This 5-day intensive icon painting workshop is designed for students of all abilities. No previous experience is required. The course aims to help you understand the tradition of icon painting through studying masterpieces and through their inspiration to create your own icon. Over 5 days of intensive work, students will go through all stages of icon painting, which will be an excellent introduction and experience for using the egg tempera technique. For more info or to book follow the link: 5-day Mary Magdalene course - Edinburgh School of Icon Painting (

Basia Mindewicz Biography:

Basia was born in 1978 in Warsaw and is an icon painter and contemporary artist. She was trained in Poland in the College dedicated to iconography. She was studying ancient techniques of egg tempera and gold gilding. For many years she has been mainly working in a very traditional style learning the icon language. When she came to Edinburgh, she started exploring other “languages” searching for more personal and contemporary ways of depicting parallel reality. Her artistic development reveals the truth about who we are and what we need to become whole. Icon painting as a spiritual practice grows in silence and stillness.

Basia Graduated from The Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education, MA and College of Iconography (Policealne Studium Ikonograficzne) in Bielsk Podlaski in 2008.She has been working for a significant icon painting workshop in Poland and organized many private workshops and residential courses.

Anyone who is interested should book through the link above.

The Tron Church in Glasgow are holding a media seminar over the 12th and 13th of April, click here to download a video about the event, and here to go to the website for further details.