Presbytery Mailing 26/04/2024

Contents of Mailing:
Prayer Training Event Poster
Reminder of Crossreach Balmoral Run
Singing Hands Concert Poster
Great British Dog Walk Poster
White Armband Day Event

Please find below a number of relevant pieces of information for distribution and consideration by Presbyters.

Click here to download an updated poster for the upcoming Prayer Training Event on the 11th of May.

Click here to download a final reminder note about the Crossreach Balmoral run this weekend.

Click here to download a poster for an event for the Singing Hands Concert that was mentioned at Presbytery on Tuesday, to be held on the 18th of May in aid of the Vine Trust.

Click here to download a poster for The Great British Dog Walk at Balmoral run by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

White Armband Day will be commemorated on the 31st of May by Beyond Srebenica, a genocide education charity, more details and free tickets can be found here.